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About me

Maurizio Lanini


About Me

I was born in Rome in 1955 and from an early age I developed a great interest in natural history and animals. This passion, in 1980, led me to graduate in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Marine Biology, which has always been my main interest.

Initially I started photographing animals to fix my observations and preserve them over time, then naturalistic photography became my tool for describing nature. I have been married since 1982 with Anna who lives my same passion for the sea and for diving, also shared by our sons Daniele and Martina. Over the years I have collaborated with two international photo agencies and many of my images have been published by magazines (Airone, Oasis ...), weeklies, newspapers, books, exhibitions and shows, screensavers for PC. I use a Canon kit and for underwater photography I use a Nauticam housing for the Canon EOS R5. Since 2022 I have been Ambassador for Nauticam Italy.

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